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Is that Tom Hanks as Sasuke?

I love her

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The controls are super awkward to use. I gotta move my mouse to aim and move my guy with WASD. But I gotta pause to fire, I can use the arrow keys but it's like... I have to have 3 hands to move my character.

Thoof responds:

Q/E/R are the alternate buttons for attacking -- using the left/right/middle mouse button is the main control scheme for attacking. The alternate buttons are mostly there for folks who are using a trackpad and don't have a middle mouse button.

It's alright. The transparent places you can move too need to be more pronounced.

For the keys needed to unlock the door. It's hard to tell if the door is locked or not. from a glace.

I've played for like 6 or 7ish levels before I stopped. There could be some enemies in there.

FaerieFire responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your points, I tried with the torches to make it clear but they convey very little actual information. I definitely agree with the door thing, and honestly that would have been a simple fix (I was too lazy oops). Bit confused with your last point though, there are enemies in later levels. Perhaps they should have been introduced a bit earlier though.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback once again. This was my first game so I expected such shortcomings.

The controls feel abit hard to use. There's no health. This needs alot of polishing before releasing this as a full game.

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is that obi-wan kanobi?

MarcoCardenas responds:

No, it's EMANEM

It's 8 am and this is what I see.

I told that was Danny Devito as the 1980's batman. Taking over Animal Crossing.

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